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Vehicle Extrication

In the beginning tools were carried on a 1980 Chevy Suburban. This vehicle was nicknamed B.E.R.T. (Brighton Emergency Rescue Truck). Extrication responses were an Engine and two Firefighters on B.E.R.T.

As time progressed, an increasing challenge was to find tool storage space for expedient and efficient operations. In 1988 the Brighton Fire District purchased a heavy duty walk-in rescue. Rescue 7 was used for a collaboration of services: Extrication/Haz-Mat/ and fire responses. Extrication equipment was on the right and Haz-Mat on the left side compartments.

In 1994 with an increase in Haz-Mat responses, Rescue 7 was designated as Haz-Mat/ Fire Unit. That same year, delivery of Rescue 1 (Rescue/ Engine) was made, currently assigned at Station 1 it carries the majority of the rescue tools such as; hydraulic tools, air bags, electric saws, pneumatic tools, cribbing and many hand tools.

All three fire stations have equipment for vehicle extrication. Engine 2 and Engine 5 (Stations 2 and 3 respectively) have electric saws, pneumatic tools, cribbing, hydraulic rescue tools, along with hand tools on each Engine. Because automobile technology is ever changing monthly and weekly training is held for firefighters to refresh, develop, and hone their skills.

More than 20 firefighters have attended learning symposiums/ competitions, which has elevated the competency level of extrication in our department. In 1999 Brighton Fire, took 1st place overall at the International Extrication Competition and Learning Symposium.