Proudly Serving the Town Of Tonawanda Since 1930


Thank you for your interest in joining our ranks. New members are constantly needed to continue to provide the “24/7/365” level of service expected by our community.

Get Involved

By joining, you’re afforded the chance to truly make a difference in your community. This is your opportunity to get involved in something rewarding and meaningful. You’ll find out what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter, to have the courage to act, the ability to perform.

Give Back

Giving back is answering the call when no one else will. It’s providing the safety and reliability the community needs. It’s the ultimate service to your community. You might think at first that you don’t have the time – until you feel the honor of helping out your neighbors in a way that no one else can when they truly need you. You’ll realize nothing is more worth your time.

Train for SafetyJoin our ranks!

Your first thought may be that you’re not trained to fight fires and handle emergencies. But when you join the volunteer fire service, you’re trained to be safe. You’ll receive continuing education on the most current technology and equipment as you go along to hone your first responder skills. You can rest assured you’re making a huge difference in your community and doing so in the safest way possible thanks to the exceptional training provided to you.


As a member, not only do you get the satisfaction of helping others, but you get free training, tuition assistance and other great benefits. You become part of a new family, a brotherhood and sisterhood unlike any you’ve ever known.

Take the First Step

Do it for the pride, the honor of it all, and most of all, do it for your community who needs you. You will find it will be one of the best decisions of your life. Find out if you have what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter. Take the first step. The membership is comprised of individuals primarily living within the Brighton Fire District, who care about your family, your home, and our community. Our membership application and instructions can be downloaded in .pdf format by clicking this link – Brighton Fire Application

Once again, thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer firefighter.

Junior Firefighter Application Membership Application